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Undergraduate Thesis

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Bachelor of Science

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Mechanic Arts


Concrete is most widely used in structures of a permanent nature. It must, therefore, be DURABLE under the particular condition to which it is exposed. It must be STRONG enough to withstand the loads that are put upon it. In many structures it must be water-tight. During handling and placing concrete must be workable so that it can be readily placed in forms without separation of materials. In both the fresh and harden state, concrete must be uniform to secure economy of materials, to make handling and placing easier. And to obtain uniformity in the completed structure.

Concrete can be made to have a wide range in these qualities. It is therefore possible to produce concrete with the particular qualities which will be most suitable to meet the conditions of any job. These conditions should be considered carefully before concreting is started.

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J. J. Abernethy


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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