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The experiences of the writer in the field of health activities in schools has forced her to the conclusion that the fundamental basis for school health programs should be a well-planned program for health instruction, and that other health activities as such should be secondary. There should, however, be a correlation between the two. Permanent improvement in child health and in adult health will come through instruction in the habits of healthful living. Having organized our health program on this basis, definite improvement of health habits in the children have been noted, which have given the children valuable health knowledge that is hoped to carry over to adult life. "Health education is concerned with the training and with the presentation of a given body of scientific knowledge. It is in part a technique resting upon certain educational and psychological principles." The health behavior of the child is influenced by many individuals; namely, parents, friends, teachers, school doctor, school nurse, and dentist. The greatest influence comes from home and the parents. If the parents can and will see a health education program as an educationally sound procedure for strengthening and developing the habits, attitudes, and knowledge of the pupil, then cooperation with the teachers or other health organizations should be willingly given on their part. The home offers lasting environmental influences. Since this is true, home should be the best place for our boys and girls provided parents are ever mindful of their best development. In defining the term "health," we use the words of C. E. Turner. Health is a state of feeling well in body, mind, and spirit, together with a sense of reserve power. It is based on normal functioning of the tissues and organs of the body, a practical understanding of the principles of healthful living, and a harmonious adjustment to the physical and psychological environment, together with an attitude which regards health not as an end in itself, but a means to a richer life as measured in constructive service to mankind." One purpose of this paper is to establish in the child the habits and principles of living which throughout their school life and in later years will assure that abundant vigor and vitality which provides the basis for the greatest possible happiness and service in personal, family, and community life. A second purpose of this paper is to improve the individual and community life of the future; to insure a better second generation, and a still better third generation; a healthier and a better race in the Spot Taylor Community.

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Huldah Bryant Owen

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A.C. Preston

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A.C. Preston


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