A Study Of Choral And Instrumental Music In Booker T. Washington, Phillis Wheatley And Jack Yates High schools Of Houston, Texas

Julia Anniebell Madison, Prairie View State and Industrial College


In recent years public school music has become a definite part of the curriculum In both accredited and unaccredited schools In Texas, Students are given an hour credit toward graduation in Booker T, Washington, Phillis Wheatley, and Jack Yates High Schools of Houston.Texas for participation in Choral and Band music. This recognition of music as a subject shows that it is not considered altogether an extra-curricular activity,

PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC is a clean emotional outlet; a means of self-expression and Inspiration for the individual; a means of aesthetic development; means of developing team—play, cooperation, mutual respect and helpfulness, a social agency, creating good will and community spirit for the school and a means of acquainting the child with the best music and musicians.

CHORAL MUSIC is that type of music performed by the human voice whether singular with a group or in a group. Including the study of certain types of music such as operas, art songs, folk songs, ballads, oratorios, spirituals, sacred whether sung a cappella or with accompaniment.