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Undergraduate Thesis

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Bachelor of Science


Mechanic Arts


First let us define the word vocation. Vocation, as Webster states it, is an occupation, trade or profession which one may follow for a livelihood. Opportunities, as Webster states it, are convenient times or occasions for something, or good chances. Combining the two, one could easily say that vocational opportunities are those opportunities which one may follow for a progressive livelihood.

Purpose of Thesis 1. To show the past and present vocational conditions that exist in Temple, Texas. 2. To show the importance of choosing your vocation. 3. To show the various vocations that may be followed. 4. To show the progressive vocations that may be followed. 5. To distinguish the progressive from the non-progressive vocations. 6. Types of workers for various vocations. 7. To show the opportunities for success in various vocations.

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J. M. Wilson


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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