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Fredrich Froebel,1 who established the first kindergarten said that man and nature were both created by the same divine Being and must be governed by the same laws. He reasoned that as the farmer puts nothing new into the seed which he plants, but merely gives them the right kind of soil and the right care, keeping the weeds from choking them, giving them a sufficient amount of water and room in which to grow putting poles or props for the tendrils of climbing plants to cling to, and loosening the roots to give more air and freedom for the growth of the plant; so too, the parent or the teacher could add nothing new to the child. He or she would merely superintend the unfolding of the child's inborn powers and supply the suitable employment of those powers so that they, by being rightly exercised, would grow as they were intended to grow by their Creator.

This being true, it seems to me the chief work of the parent or teacher is to supply what is needed and to strengthen the child and make it develop aright.

Since play or voluntary effort is the most important activity of childhood, and here development begins, we should provide a suitable environment and the right kind of play equipment with which to engage the child's instinctive activities.

1 Froebel. Education of Man; Education by Development.

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