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Home Economics


The homemaking program for youth today is said to have within it the greatest opportunity of any phase of instruction to meet the demands of people, in that it teaches ways and means of becoming more successful home members and homemakers and, therefore, more successful members of society Realizing this, Home Economics teachers are increasingly adjusting their programs to the needs of home life and conditions in the communities in which they are employed, This calls for the setting of specific goals consistent with the needs and resources of actual homes. This thesis is divided into seven chapters, each with a definite objective. Chapter one is concerned with definition of terms. Chapter two sets forth the need for home projects and their service as an aid in attaining objectives in Home Economics instruction. Chapter two also deals with the valuable results obtained and the influence of family standards on home projects. Chapter three emphasizes adequate planning for the home project and effective parent and teacher guidance as essentials for successful work. Chapter four points out the things involved in making home projects a success. Chapter five has to do with the factors and features involved in completing a project, especially the need for careful checking and evaluation of results by the pupil. Ways and means of doing this through effective guidance are suggested. Chapter six gives the criteria for educational value of home projects. In chapter seven the development and training of the ninth grade home economics class of the Sam Swarz High School, Hempstead, Texas is given. While many practices and procedures are presented, it is recognized that it would be neither feasible nor possible for all of them to be attempted in any one situation. It would be unfortunate if the material in this thesis were considered the final word in the development of the home project program.

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E.C. May

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A.B. Aulton

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A.B. Aulton


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