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Evolution deals with the development of a certain thing, taking for granted that it originated from other pre-existing types. That is to say, the tap dance has existed in other forms which will be presented and discussed. The tap dance has not come into its own in its present form, there have been a series of other dances which have contributed to the formation of the present Tap Dance. Dancing is defined as rhythmical movement of the body or parts of the body, usually in accord with music. The tap dance conforms with this definition but to be more specific one can say that Tap dancing is a step dance, tapped out audibly with the feet, toes, or heels. It Is a series of complicated rhythms formed by manipulations of the feet. The purpose of treating the evolution of the tap dance is to prove conclusively that Tap Dancing sprang's from other dances and to leave a written record of this for use in educational fields. Since the Tap Dance is a part of education, a written history is necessary for research, planning future dances, and for general information. The need for such a study is great, as there is little or no written history of the Tap Dance. It is needed as a background for modern dancing; a source of research and of general Information, hay subject worth consideration should have a definite written history.

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O.A. Fuller

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