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Undergraduate Thesis

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Bachelor of Science


Mechanic Arts


PROBLEM: "A proposed Vocational Guidance Program For the Colored High School of Sunnyside; Texas" METHOD USED: Personal interview without form, and group conference.

As early as history records, man has attempted to live happy in the World about him. This happiness is the result of the satisfaction of his needs and wants. These in turn hinge around his economic, social, religious, and political survival in his struggle for existence. Man has been successful in passing through many social, religious, and political revolutions, but now he is faced with a still greater problem; this is the problem of adjustment in this period of industrialism. The philosophy of the ever-living Booker T. Washington, "cultivation of the hands along with the duty of the mind and soul", is the most probable solution toward industrial adjustment, but still there remains a problem as to what direction should this training be directed, to what degree, and how much training is necessary in relation to the opportunities offered. These problems have given rise to the study of Guidance. This study has begun to work into the curriculum of most prominent high schools. The Bob Burton Training School has what I would consider a rather inadequate system to serve as a remedial agency in present-day educational object; therefore, I have made a study of the present system, criticized it, however rather constructively, and in turn proposed a program that will include adequate facilities necessary to ensure adjustment in this period of Industrialism# My study is based upon the constructive type—a study which is based on generally admitted deficiencies in the working conditions (such as quality of teachers, content of courses, type of organization, and operating procedure) and which undertakes to describe how such conditions may be improved. It is based also upon the following convictions: 1. It will make possible the doing of something that has not been done before. 2. It will establish a procedure and show that procedure to be feasible. 3. It will uncover undesirable conditions.

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J.J. Abernethy

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G.W. Reeves

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G.W. Reeves


Prairie View State Normal And Industrial College


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