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Poverty and dependency did not appear as social problems until tribal society began to give way to civil society. The reason for this can be easily accounted for. As long as society was a group of blood relatives, individual capacity, if It was not ruthlessly eliminated, shared in the welfare of all. Only by group solidarity and mutual aid could anyone survive In conflict with unconquered nature, which the individual had not yet learned to appropriate to himself. Later, there was a growth in population, animals were domesticated and man created media of exchange Man had more wants to be satisfied. Various inventions came into play. Agriculture was carried on on a large scale, and there was more of a desire for fertile land. With the development of prestige, and the appropriation of certain scarce articles for purposes of social distinction by individuals with prestige, and with the consequent growth of commerce, came a strain upon the old tribal relationships.

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J.E. Miller

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H.A. Bullock


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