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Our elementary and Secondary School system as a whole may be conceived as an institution established and maintained largely for guidance purposes. Entry into a vocation presupposes a definite choice and a decision based on the previous sampling. At present, the social and economic problems are so complex that few parents are competent enough to give needed advice to their boys and girls. Obviously, the best insurance that can be provided against blundering on the part of the individual preparing to take up his burden of work is wise counsel and guidance during the formative period of his life. The vocational guidance movement, so-called, which has developed during the past fifteen years is fundamentally an attempt to co-ordinate every possible constructive influence of the school into a combined educational and vocational guidance program. It demands a personal and at the same time a scientific consideration of each child's individual needs and capacities and an individual education program adopted to those needs and capacities. Guidance involves all the factors which, constitute education. "While it has long since "been agreed that children should be sufficiently well prepared in the secondary school, if possible, so that they may exercise intelligent judgment in weighing values and in choosing their future courses of study. The purpose of this plan is to provide continuous and systematic guidance with children during their entire school attendance above the sixth grade, as well as training and adjustment periods.

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J.J. Abernethy

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J.J. Abernethy


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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