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The scope of this study as to time embraces the period beginning with the year 1900 and ending with the year 1936. Its subject matter is limited to major changes in line design in this period, with such mention of materials, or fabrics, colors and devices as seem appropriate j.or full understanding and description. "From the beginning costume has received a full share of the world's interest and attention." Dress in this twentieth century is so much a matter of course that we scarcely ever think of its beginnings in the remote past. Yet the impulse toward adornment was just as marked and vital in our primitive ancestors in his paint, tatoo, and human bones, as it is today expressed in milady's rouge, feathers, and fur. Looking back we find that man, in the dim distant age, lived in caves and under rocky cliffs. He was concerned mainly with securing of food and the preservation of his life. The impulse toward dress grew out of this early life which was dedicated to the hunt and chase. Evidence is unmistakable that costume, as we know it today, emerged after a long and tedious process of evolution. "The beginning of dress, that from which dress came to be, was in the form of body decoration. The painting, cutting, and tattooing of the skin are forms of body decorations, which were the first steps toward modern dress."

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