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Every since the beginning of time, there has been a struggle between man and the forces of nature for existence and livelihood. The science of plumbing came into existence in the struggle of man against disease. In the early days of civilization, man paid little attention to cleanliness and sanitation; but, as civilization advanced and as living conditions became more complex, man discovered that he must find some way to better care for his health and living conditions, by securing pure water and then properly disposing of this water after use. Modern plumbing as a trade, is the running of pipes to supply pure water to buildings, the erection of fixtures for the use of this supply and the installing of other waste pipes for the resulting wastewater. The trade divides itself, therefore into two parts: (1) 'the providing of an adequate supply of pure water, and (2) the disposing of this water after use. The first division offers few problems to the plumber, little variety in the layout being possible, the result depending mostly upon the arrangement of the pipe and the fittings; but, the second division calls for careful study arrangement, good workmanship in the installation, and individual attention to each fixture. Plumbing had its beginning as a trade-in merely supplying fresh water to a community. This was done by conveying water from lakes, rivers, or springs through wooden pipes and troughs. By easy stages the trade enlarged its scope until at the present time it is able to provide distribution of millions of tons of water by great city water works. In the early days of the trade the question of the disposal of waste matter was easily answered, for it was allowed to be discharged into the ground to seep its own course. With increased amounts of water, the waste problem has enlarged itself, until today, it plays the most important part of plumbing. Modern plumbing of today is more than a great assembly of fixtures, with a network of concealed pipes, valves, and fittings. It is a service of universal practical benefit, giving comfort with beauty and utility. Through the process of plumbing, living conditions have been greatly improved, giving service in the homes and better protection against diseases. In the modern methods of sewerage disposal, individuals are no longer bothered with the problems of sewerage and waste disposal; it is the plumber or sanitary engineer who so efficiently pipes the sewerage matter from the home to a place where it can be conveniently disposed without becoming a menace to the community. The plumber might be said to work hand in hand with the doctor in the prevention of diseases.


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