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In the development of this treatise, "The Teaching of Geography in the Intermediate Grades", the major points to be considered in constituting the whole are the children's needs and interest; and the necessity of one's conforming to business practices and social ideals in the teaching of geography. However, it should be understood that authors today PURPOSE are widely considering two unit studies in intermediate geography, namely, "Geography of Everyday Life", and "The World Outside". In light of the foregoing, the purposes of this treatise are 1. To give the development of Geography as a school subject. . 2. To give the fundamental processes involved in teaching Geography in the intermediate grades. 3. To give the methods of teaching Geography in the Xingsville intermediate grades. 4. To suggest methods of teaching Geography that will hold in all situations. The writer's choice of this subject may be attributed to the fact that she has had unusual opportunities to study the methods employed and results obtained in the teaching of Geography in the intermediate grades in the Kingsville School System. For various reasons, many teachers have not been able to make successful preparations for teaching geography in the manner which the best professional standards of the day require. It is hoped, however, that such teachers of Geography in the intermediate grades will find the following group of facts of much value in the presentation of advice which is administered by teachers in some of our most progressive school systems of today.

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O.A. Fowler


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