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Arts and Science


Reading Is the most Important study with which the child has to deal In his school life. The art of reading once mastered, all literature is within his reach and the pupil passes at once from the dependent to the independent stage. Hence it is of vital importance to him, that his teacher be skilled in methods that will enable him to learn rapidly with the least expenditure of time and nervous force. therefore, it Is of fundamental importance that the teacher make use of the scientific knowledge In the development of good reading habits In children. "Through reading, we acquire knowledge e of the thoughts and achievements of others. One of our most widely known librarians says; Through reading, knowledge Is made cumulative so that, one generation may stand on the shoulders of the preceding generation. It is not its intellect that renders the modern world superior to antiquity, but Its intellect plus the heritage of two thousand years of thought and discovery transmitted to it through books".

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W.B. Bozeman

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Lillian Davis

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Lillian Davis


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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