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When attempting to discuss environment and its influences we must first find out, What is environment? The immediate environment of the germ-plasm is the body that bears it. The principal environment of embryo or fetus is the uterus and body of the mother. After birth, environment is that portion of the world at large in which the individual lives and moves and has his being.

In general, environment can preserve and develop, or damage and destroy, but seems unable to create. An expectant mother who, knowing that neither she nor her husband had any musical talent determinedly spent hours every day practicing on the piano in order to produce musical ability in her unborn child. She failed. Between environment on the one hand and germ-plasm or germinant personality on the other there appears to be a great gulf fixed. All is likely to go well so long as nature alone supervises, and that means up to the time when the child is delivered into the arms of parental protection.

All's well that ends well, but there are a few evil influences which can cross the great gulf referred to and prevent all from ending well. It Is such Influences that I will try to discuss later on in my composition; and especially those which can give rise to mental abnormality.

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