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It has taken the world a long time to learn that a physically unfit nation soon becomes a mentally unfit nation and that a mentally unfit nation always becomes a a morally unfit nation. This is why educators are today stressing the need of Health Education.

Our boast of making the world safe for democracy is an idle one if we do not make it safe for our children and the future generation. What folly to spend millions to preserve our nation if we forget its future, its childhood.

Health heads the list of our cardinal principles of education. Interest in the health of the school child has spread rapidly as an outcome of cooperative study by educators and scientists. There has been awakened an interest in all phases of child life, social, emotional, mental as well as physical. In meeting the health problem of the growing child, it became necessary to know something of the child's needs and adjustments. With the gradual teaching of health into the public schools came many problems, some of which are still undergoing solution. There is no excuse for ignorance of the rule of' healthy living among children.

As guardians of the future generation the responsibility of imparting the laws of health and practical application of these laws rests largely with the public school teacher. Health Education must go on through the whole school career of the child. The school must therefore lay its own plan and develop its own program.

The purpose of the present study is to present actual facts concerning health conditions and make suggestions which will aid in improving the health program at the Pineland Colored School so that it will be more significant in the lives of the school children.


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