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Vocational guidance knows nothing of absolute failure and absolute success, but neither is it a game of chance. A game of dice is a game of chance to the man who plays it in the back street, yet the actuarian could predict his winnings or losings almost to the cent if he can assume that the man plays the game consistently. In the same way, vocational guidance is but little more than a chance to the director of guidance whose only reliance is upon intuition and "hunches". On the other hand, it is not too much to hope that someday we shall develop the calculus of predicting chances of occupational success to such a stage that we shall be just as sure that humanity at large will profit as we now are sure that a life insurance firm will be able to show profits on its account books at the end of the year. Vocational guidance will need to be undertaken early if humanity is to profit from it. It must be begun as early as the sixth grade if we would have a maximal percentage of the total population profit from it "before they leave the school "by way of school elimination. Educational guidance must "be given to the group which decides to remain in school, vocational guidance to the group which leaves. Preliminary vocational guidance can be given to those who enter high school by advising them in regards of the type of high school, whether academic, commercial, or vocational, to enter.


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