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The problem of constructing a course in Homemaking Education is a new feature of curriculum building. Experts have been able to set up goals and aims, but they have not been able to set up a definite catalogue of activities that could be recommended. Different locations present different problems and would of necessity require different modes of attack and would, in the final analysis lead to different outcomes. The basic interrogation then is, "What is the problem or what are the problems involved?"

In this thesis the writer's problem may be expressed in the following questions: 1. What are the needs of the community that may be satisfied through Homemaking in the Chester High School? 2. By what criteria shall we determine the type of homemaking course for the school? 3. How may the writer plan a course in Homemaking that will reach the needs of the community?

The purposes of the study are stated as follows: 1. To set up goals in Homemaking Education in order that the teacher, pupil and people of the community may have definite ends to pursue. 2. To compile a catalogue of activities which if developed may result in desirable skills that are necessary in the home. 3. To outline plans through which these skills may be developed along controlled lines in order to avoid the hit and miss method of developing skills. 4. To develop positive attitudes of home economy to the end that the Homemaking procedures will be conscientious, reliable and valid from the personal point of view. 5. To provide a handbook of references concerning Homemaking materials in order to facilitate students finding additional data that they might need and the teacher may have a handbook of ready references. 6. To establish an evaluation scale for the rural high school's Homemaking program in order to prevent measurement by non-comparable norms.

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E. C. May


Prairie View State College


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