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This study at Prairie View A&M University aimed to design a novel droplet generator for microfluidic applications and develop a simulation model to analyze the impact of a free-falling package on the drop tower’s floor.

The journey began with an extensive literature review, leading to the discovery of various droplet production methods. The inkjet method was chosen for this application. Controlling droplet size involves manipulating voltage and nozzle parameters and avoiding liquid dripping by applying negative pressure pulses. Incorporating O-rings prevented liquid leakage at component junctions. Multiple iterations refined the droplet generator, culminating in a liquid chamber and a fluid reservoir.

The second phase involved developing an Ansys simulation model to assess the impact of a 400 lbs package on a foam bed inside a stainless-steel tank within the drop tower. The objective was to ensure the integrity of the floor, foam, tank, and package. Our literature review guided us to adopt the Two-way Fluid-Structure Interaction method, the Explicit Dynamic method, and the Transient Structural Method for the simulation. While Two-way FSI posed challenges due to computational limitations, we persevered.

Explicit Dynamics emerged as the preferred approach for dynamic simulations, involving package velocity determination and foam mechanical property analysis. 3 simulations with varying foam densities and properties were conducted. The initial simulation produced limited data. Subsequent hyper-elastic or viscoelastic foam formulations showed promise despite the package bouncing instead of sinking.

Due to Explicit Dynamics limitations, the Ogden foam model was utilized for 2 Expanded Polypropylene foams in Transient Structural. Although the simulation faced difficulties, this study was a valuable learning experience with potential for further exploration.

In conclusion, this research at PVAMU led to the creation of an innovative droplet generator and an intricate simulation model. While challenges were encountered, the study lays the foundation for future droplet generation and impact simulation investigations.

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Yuhao Xu

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Ziaul Huque

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Paul O. Biney

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Jeffrey Streator


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