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Electrical Engineering


Recently, computer vision has been promoted by deep learning techniques significantly, where supervised deep learning outperformed other methods such as in image segmentation. However, a large amount of annotated/labeled data is needed for training supervised deep learning models, while such big annotated data is typically unavailable in practice such as in satellite imagery analytics. In order to address this challenge, a novel ensemble unsupervised semantic segmentation method was proposed for image segmentation on satellite images. Specifically, an unsupervised semantic segmentation model was employed to implement foreground- background separation and then be placed within an ensemble model to increase the prediction accuracy further. Experimental results demonstrated that the proposed method outperformed baseline models such as k-means on a satellite image benchmark, the XView2 dataset. The proposed approach provides a promising solution to semantic segmentation in images that will benefit many mission-critical applications such as disaster relief using satellite imagery analytics.

Index Terms - Convolution neural network (CNNs); deep learning; ensemble model; image segmentation; overhead imagery; unsupervised learning

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Xiangfang Li

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Lijun Qian

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Xishuang Dong

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Pamela Obiomon


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