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It is most pertinent that safety habits be established and practiced, because of the essentiality placed upon human being. It is imperative that attention be given to the welfare and health of the individual* There is probably no other problem which is of rare increasing concern everywhere than safety—safety in the home, on the highway, in industry and school.

host accidents in a beauty school are preventable. They do not just happen they are caused. It is obvious that they are caused by carelessness, ignorance, or negligence on somebody's part. Accidents result from mistakes of individuals and misuse of materials and equipment.

The vocational teacher undoubtedly can exert more influence. in having students to become safety-conscious than anyone else* A 'well-qualified teacher, moreover, can keep unsafe student behavior at a minimum by providing his class with careful instruction, conscientious supervision, and intelligent, sympathetic guidance.


Statement of the Problem.This study is an attempt to find out how adequately Cosmetology Departments in Dallas County Senior Schools meet safety standards set-up by the Texas State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists and Texas Education Agency, ln approaching this problem, it is anticipated that the results of the findings will answer the following questions:

1* What are the Tarns State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Safety Standards fear Beauty Culture?

2 What are the Texas Education Agency Safety- Standards?

3 To What extent does the cosmetology instructor agree with these standards?

4. How well does the cosmetology instructor try to meet these standards?

5. To what extent has the cosmetology instructor prepared safety standards of her own?

6. Does knowing, practicing, and having necessary equipment reduce accidents in the cosmetology department?

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Walter J. Hall


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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