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A general interest in the causes of the absence of school children at IlooMale, Focus, during a questionnaire program served as a motivation for the study undertaken, This Interest was created when the writer was asked to assist with the quostinnairos that wore designed to check on the need for a hot lunch program under the supervision of the Aycock School. At that time, the principal reported that approximately fifteen percent of the children enrolled in the school wore absent due to some i/pe of infection. As a result, some of the questionnaires had to be taken to the various Isomers for execution. Prom observations the writer has begun to -wonder whether or not malnutrition was one of the factors that added to the susceptibility of the children to infections.

th© observations were given emphasis when the data wore tabulated and the results showed that there wore definite signs of malnutrition among many of the school children. SMs served to stimulate other questions in the mind of the writer that could only be satisfied through a thorough investigation.

This problem was approached from a nutritional standpoint sine© nutrition was the primary interest of the 'Investigator, however, also felt that other factors related to the health and sanitation conditions of the community wore also responsible for the infections. In view of this fact, questions concerning the preventive measures such as inoculations against various diseases, health examinations* and a safe milk and water supply were included in the questionnaire form.

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E. May Galloway


Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College


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