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A decade ago the American economy reached an Important milestone. Since that time more people are being employed to provide services than to produce goods--a situation brought about primarily by an accelerated use of sophisticated equipment to produce the Increasing output demanded by our growing economy. During this period of Increasing reliance upon technological equipment, the margin for human error has been decreasing while occupational mobility and Interdependence have been Increasing.

What are the Implications of these changes for business and office education?

An increasing number of students will require preparation 1n business subjects 1n order to fill occupational needs that satisfy themselves and society.

Refinements in business and office education will be necessary so that students may be effective in the use of advanced equipment and handling of responsibilities entrusted to them.

The education of each student should emphasize experiences that help him develop a high degree of responsibility

Few areas of life will not be affected by changes In our society . Because of the pervasiveness of these changes, educational planning must keep pace with the accelerated, profound developments In economic and social areas . Education must lead in providing solutions to many problems of our society. Through creativity and cooperation, business and office education have the opportunity to play a vital role in developing solutions to these problems.

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