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Bastrop County is located In the South-Central portion of Texas surrounded by such counties as Fayette, Williamson, Travis, and Caldwell. Bastrop County was created in 1836 and organized in 1837. It was named for Baron de Bastrop, who aided Stephen F. Austin in establishing his colony. Altitude 300 to 600 feet, annual fain fall 37Jt2 inches, mean annual temperature 67.5 degrees Fahrenheit, with a growing season of 263 days.


Level to rolling and hilly in Colorado River Valley. Rich soils in bottoms, sand to loams black clays, sand on prairies and uplands. Cedar, pine, hickory, elm, oaks, walnut, with pirn and cedar commercial. Oil production 250,057 barrels, natural gas, trick, and tile clay. Cedar oil extracted from stumps after trunks have been used for lumber.


Cotton, com, grain sorghums, peanuts, watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes and other fruit and truck far heme use and local sale. Hubam clover is the newest crop.


Bastrop County ranks high in marketing of beef cattle, milk, hogs and turkeys. Produces approximately one and one-half million dozen eggs annually.

Bastrop County has a population of 21,610 with approximately half living in Bastrop, the county seat which is a shipping and retail centers Smithville, railroad center, and sawmill centers Elgin, a brick, tile, and pottery center} and McDade with coal mines and pottery plants.

Bastrop County has an area of 885 square miles, 2,560 farms, with a value of $9,205,027. There are 825 Negroe farmers of which 5H are owners operating farms worth appeoxiamatly $500,000.


The management of farms may be considered as one of the most important factors in the existence of all mankind# Earning and its management is a combination of a complex business and a way of living. As the organizer of a farm business, the farmer is concerned chiefly with making plans and providing correct proportions of the different parts of the business.

Successful management of farms is reflected not only in the lives of farm people but in the lives and general well-being of all people. To manage a farm business successfully means to organize it, to plan the work and direct it from day to day, and on most farms actually conduct the buying, financing, gelling and credit operations* The organizing of a farm business, however, is not something which is done over again at the beginning of each new planting or breeding season* An unusual growing season, shift in market demand or a depression may cause sane reorganization ever within the year.

The Negroes of Bastrop County, Texas who depend almost entirely upon the production of agricultural products as a means of livelihood are faced with many problems* Aside from being penalized in the past by discriminatory rates for purchased materials and farm supplies, the general economic status of the average farm is extremely low due to depleted soil, limited education, ill land utilization and lade of needed information applicable to the organization and management of the farm.

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