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Increasing concern has immerged to strengthen the materials related to sight-singing at the junior high school level. Educators have written methods of teaching sight-singing at the elementary and high school level, but the writer has found very few methods written for the junior high school level.

In the past, an insufficient amount of emphasis has been placed on sight-singing. Presently students are involved in contests and interscholastic leagues that required sight singing. Therefore, sight-singing has become both a demand and a need. Also, there should be musical literacy (reading with understanding) just as there is literacy in English and other subject matters. If a student were literate in music, he would appreciate it more and perform it better.

The basic program of sight-singing should include a repetoire of melodies, tunes, and songs that could be used in teaching. There should be songs that would be in the comfortable range of the changed and unchanged voices. The songs should be interesting and challenging. Many teachers knew from experiences that there was need of readjustment in sight-singing literature for the junior high school students.

The demand for the best methods in teaching sight-singing at the junior high level was the fundamental principle of this study. Hence, it was been the concern of the writer to make a comparative analysis of the four authorities on sight-singing at the junior high level to concentrate on possible methods of teaching junior high students to sight-read.

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