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To meet the crisis in our social, economic and industrial life, there must be provided equal educational opportunities that are real. The schools must become more creative and promote the ability to think. Preparing retarded girls to do their daily work well, means more than getting them ready to hold a job. Preparation for their daily work means also preparation to take one's part as a citizen. The curriculum of today, that is to be organized, must concern itself primarily with discovering the special abilities of each retarded girl and then help her to develop and dedicate her talents to the general good. For those who have to work for a living and have to keep on working in order to keep on living, include the major part of our population.

The subjects that are being offered in this curriculum will not only fit them to meet conditions under which they will have to keep on working in order to keep on living, so that they may be competent workers but also competent citizens whose lives will be enriched by enabling them to live more fully, safely, and happily in this complex and cooperative society of today.

Therefore, the needs of these retarded adolescent girls are the primary objectives of this curriculum. Special classes may become an integral part of the school program, with the regular and special teachers cooperating to meet these needs of the retarded girls. With guidance and help in preparation from the special teacher it is possible for the retarded adolescent girl to remain in the normal environment of the home and community and not feel to be a misfit. This curriculum makes possible achievement of a fuller and more complete life.

School Life, February, 1935. Nation's Schools, 1933, p.22, A Fuller Life for Physically Handicapped Pupils.

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A. Crittendon Preston


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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