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The public schools are dedicated to the task of providing opportunities for the maximum educational development of each pupil. If there is no discrimination, each student, from the slow learner to the rapid learner, from the most talented, will have those educational experiences that will permit him to become of maximum worth to himself, to his community, and to society. In harmony with these purposes of education in a democracy is the important task of identifying and making provision for the student with exceptional potential in each of the fields of learning.

The present struggle for the very existence of our freedom causes the need for the improvement of instruction in science and mathematics to become increasingly important.

Education is looked upon as a process which seeks the greatest development of every boy and girl according to his unique nature and needs. This concept is in harmony with the democratic idea, since in a true democracy, each citizen contributes to the common welfare to the extent of his ability. To enable every person to make his greatest contribution, suitable educational opportunities should be provided for all types of children, including the various talented students.

Statement of the Problem. It was the purpose of this study (1) to identify students with exceptional potential in the field of mathematics and science; (2) to ascertain the flexibility and effectiveness of the educational program provided for the talented.

Purpose of the Study. Relatively little known about specific identification instruments for finding talented youngsters within various curriculum areas. However, the growing body of knowledge about those who are successful in the sciences and in the arts gives us some information. A few writers have also specified descriptive lists for identification of the talented in several areas.

There, the purpose of this study; (1) was to investigate methods, techniques, and strategies for identifying children with exceptional potential; (2) to explore the current educational program for the talented; (3) to devise a proposed plan for the talented students in the area of mathematics and science.

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