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The writer has spent more than twenty years in working with rural families In Texas. During this time her interests and efforts have "been directed toward the improvement of the quantity and quality of food for home use, interior and exterior home improvement, and development of the family health through better physical well being.

A family needs and adequate food supply, a comfortable home, opportunities for education and recreation, clothing and a satisfactory family life. The attainment of these things will go a long way toward making possible the building of worth-while community life. Good community life cannot be hoped for, without a fairly good measure of these essentials.

Efforts to encourage and assist with the provision of situations and conditions conducive to health and satisfactory family life did not meet with immediate success. The response in most instances was not enthusiastic to say the least. In many cases, information given was received in a passive manner, and in some cases, the response was very unsatisfactory.

Many families found it difficult or well nigh impossible to obtain credit at stores, during the severest part of the depression, and this condition forced farm people, who had been unconcerned about home production of food, to begin responding to efforts of workers in persuading production of the home food supply.

Records show that not only did they begin to listen to instructions, but many actually went to considerable trouble to seek this help. Other phases of home improvement were considered along with food production.

Efforts to establish examples of comfortable, beautiful homes, with an adequate food supply, at last were showing good results.

It was in 1939, that an agency of government found a so - called surplus of cotton in storage, and it seemed wise to dispose of it. It was decided to distribute this cotton to certain low income rural families for their use in making mattresses and comforts. This gave an opportunity for all educational agencies to cooperate in working with almost all of the Negro farm people, since most of them do belong to the low income group. This was an important phase of the home improvement plan mentioned above.

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Elizabeth C. May


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