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In the preparation of this study, the writer has endeavored to include all of the materials that will "be helpful to teachers of vocational agriculture and part-time farmers of Freestone County, Texas. Part-time farming is a way of life in which the family lives on a small farm but draws its income from two or more sources, one of which is the farm. The other may be a job in industry, or a profession, or work on other farms in the community. In some cases, the outside income is from investments or a pension.

Many people work full-time in a city but live in the country, perhaps doing a little gardening and keeping a few chickens. These people are more properly called rural residents than part-time farmers, but there is no sharp line of distinction between the two.

Soil and man, it may be assumed, are among the most valuable possessions of this nation. Any movement which leads to the better development of either is worthy of consideration. Such a movement is part-time farming as a business for small farmers.

There were more than 900,000 farmers in the United States in 1939, who worked more than 100 days each off their own farms. Thousands of other farmers supplemented their farm income by a few days of work elsewhere.

Part-time farming is a complex business. Good management is essential to success. Successful management of part-time farming is reflected not only in the lives of farm people but in the general well-being of all people. Low production and poor management practices stand in the way of farm efficiency, increased earnings, and resulting human happiness.

Statement of the Problem. The writer feels that some consideration should be given to the part-time farmers of Freestone County, Texas, to assist them in maintaining a higher standard of living. Also, this can be done through efficient management and production and some other sources of income.

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