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It is generally recognized that irrespective of size, location, or facilities, our schools should assume their proportionate responsibility for setting up preventive measures related to discipline problems that affect their teaching personnel, pupil personnel, and society in general.

There seems no escaping the fact that when the conditions of life increase in complexity, the need for adequate discipline programs increases proportionally. It is in light of such an assumption that interest in the problem of discipline has arisen.

Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this study has been to secure information that may be used as justifiable answers to the following questions:

(1) What significant factors contribute to the success of classroom discipline?

(2) What are the preferred types of school discipline?

(3) What are the prevailing influences that have affected teacher, parent, and pupil attitudes toward discipline?

(4) What are the relationships of present concepts of school discipline?

Importance of the Study

The extent to which any society can cany on its work efficiently is measured by its organization and its planned activities, No institution or society can function effectively without some form of disciplinary guidance and control.

Someone has said that life itself is discipline, and the degree of success is measured by the ability of an individual to adjust or discipline himself properly to any situation.

It may be assumed that there is considerable agreement upon the importance of discipline in the schools of today. Opportunities for participation in the control of discipline offer pupils many possibilities for assuming the duties in the school society that the regular curriculum may not offer.

The functions of control give the opportunity for practice of the things for which the schools exist; that of living and doing the things that a good citizen will do in adult life. Such responsibilities as participation in the school society can give ideals, attitudes, and skills of living harmoniously with one's neighbors that may not be found in other phases of school life.

The success of a program in any school depends upon the type of control exerted over the pupils. The type of school program itself is to a great extent determined by the philosophy of discipline or school control held by the school authorities and teachers.

To the career of the teacher, according to Garinger, who quotes Calvin, discipline is very important.

". . . Common observation indicates that failure during the first three years of high school teaching are largely due to disciplinary trouble."

He surmises that in a good school, properly organized and controlled, marked disorder is rare.

Method of the Study

In making this study, the historical method of procedure and the normative survey method have been selected. Information was gathered in part through the instrumentality of the questionnaire. The writer believes that only from the standpoint of historical developments and with due regards toward prevailing conditions, may the discipline problem be rightly viewed. Present conceptions of school discipline have their origins somewhere in the past and to comprehend these conceptions in a justifiable manner, one should discover their origins and the causes thereof.

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J. M. Drew


Prairie View Agricultural And Mechanical College


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