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The suitability of cockroaches serving as intermediate hosts of hymenolepis diminuta has been the concern of scientists for many years. More and more interest in this problem has been evidenced in recent years possibility because of the close proximity of man and the cockroach, and the increased incidence of infections of humans with this tapeworm.

Cockroaches are cosmopolitan in their distribution. Some species of cockroaches are primarily house dwellers and are in close with the environment of man. Two species very common to this county which live in human surroundings are the large dark brown cockroach, periplaneta americana, and the small croton bug, blattella germanica, which seem very well adapted to living in the homes of humans.

Cockroaches are considered to be a menace to the health of humans wherever they are found, this is probably because of their feeding habits as well as their ability to survive and reproduce large numbers of offspring in both cold and hot climates. They thrive on the same foods that nan uses and not infrequently* the feces of animals if other food sources are not available.

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