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The concern and interest which school officials show in the health of the child are comparatively new things. It was once thought that schools were for the purpose of giving the child mental training. Health was regarded as a function of the home only.1

Modern trends in school practice are toward the development of the child in all its aspects. This of course includes the health habits of the child as well as his mental, moral and social dealings.

The modern school is similar to a laboratory and everything done in this laboratory is done for the benefit of the children. New additions which once would have been considered non-essentials are now added to the school as a matter of course.2 Most of the additions are to serve in some way the development of the child's health. Among the new additions mentioned are swimming pools, skating rinks, gymnasiums, tennis courts, cafeterias, swings, rings and various other health building facilities.

The Rockdale, Texas High School has a faculty membership of seven persons and an enrollment of two hundred eighty-six pupils. It is the policy of this school to keep abreast of modern trends. Success along this line is shown in equipment and routines followed by a teacher in the system. During the last five years special emphasis has been placed on health. The essential effort has been to develop correct health habits in the children.

It is the purpose of this discussion to check and measure the results of the activities in the health program. Efforts will also be made to show that there is definite relationship existing between good health and good scholarship.

1Emma Smedley, The School Lunch, Innes and Son, Philadelphia, Pa., 1930. p. 8. 2Ibid

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