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"It is no longer believed that the school is confined to the four walls of the building, but is continued out of doors." Recent changes in school philosophy and curriculum planning make for an increased amount of outdoor activities for both recreational and vocational purposes. Because of these revisions in curriculum planning, there have been changes in school building planning and finally a need for revision in school site planning. "A realization of the value of beauty has been developed in modern education." Beautiful and functional school grounds have been found to be a valuable asset to the school community.

The state of Texas affords many schools of varied sizes and nature. Naturally, in turn, these many schools in a similar fashion afford many varied school sites, thus creating problems in landscape planning. Regardless to size or type, it is highly necessary that the school sites are properly landscaped and kept in favorable conditions. Landscape architecture is designed primarily for the purpose of bringing about an effect of use and beauty; if either of these is to be sacrificed in bringing about the desired effect, it should be beauty. The importance of beauty, however, should by no means, be overlooked.

"A man feels more the master of his fate when well-clothed than in rags. It is equally true that the child aspires to nobler aims in contact with beautiful surroundings".

These nobler aspirations received as the results of influences of the school may finally be reflected in the community; therefore, school situations and experiences must provide a background of culture. Aesthetic appreciation, perhaps resulting from some other experiences, might be enhanced by the proper type of environmental conditions. Experiences in school life occur during the child*s most impressionable years. Habits and attitudes acquired and formed then most likely will be carried over into adult life. Attractive and well-landscaped schools may be reflected in well kept and beautifully landscaped homes, churches, play- 2 grounds and other community enterprises.

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