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Chronic hypertension can be induced in laboratory animals by a number of procedures. It has been assumed that despite their diversity all of these procedures induce their effect by interfering with that function of the kidney which is concerned in the maintenance of the normotensive state (l). The most direct evidence indicating that some deficiency of renal function is responsible for the development of hypertension is the fact that removal of the kidneys or removal of their cortices results in hypertension and that extracts prepared from renal tissue when administered orally results in a reduction of the blood pressure in the hypertensive. In order to further establish the validity of this hypothesis, hypertension was induced in rats by a variety of procedures and their response to renal extracts determined.

Materials and Methods. Hypertension was induced in piebald rats of the McCollum-Evans strain, reared in the laboratory, weighing 180 to 220 g. The procedures used for inducing hypertension have been described elsewhere and included the application of a) Figure-of-Eight Ligature with Contralateral Nephrectomy (2) The figure-of-eight ligature is made with a piece of lightweight surgical cord firmly tied around both ends of the kidney and also at the middle which disfigures the kidney from its normal shape. This procedure places a stress on the normal function of the kidney and also restricts its natural growth. The contralateral nephrectomy refers to the complete removal of the kidney on the opposite side. b) Choline Deficiency (3) Ten rats immediately on weaning were placed on a choline-deficient diet prepared by Nutritional Biochemical Corp., Cleveland, Ohio. The diet consisted of vitamin-free casein (10%), alpha protein (10%), lard (20%), sucrose (56%), and salt mixture (4%) plus vitamin diet mixture, except choline chloride. Normal drinking water was replaced by 1% sodium chloride during the period of diet restriction which lasted 21 days.

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