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Each teacher has to analyze his own background to become aware of the blind spots, the complicating feelings, the lacks that he brings to this new field of home-school relations. However the score adds up, every teacher can feel confident and good about one thing: Work with parents draws on exactly the same principles as does work with children. Probably each teacher is better prepared to be helpful to parents than he gives himself credit for.

Home-school relations is a new field, but it is not a separate field, different and apart. It had its roots in the education that each adult knows well. It puts to work between adult and adult a conscious philosophy, a sound psychology, and a keen sense of curriculum. All of these are used every day in your work with youngsters. To make a contribution in home-school relations it is necessary to carry these over from children, where you have learned them well, to the problems of adults working together, parents and teachers. It is known that children are learning all the time. They are determining their behavior by the books that are given to them to study, plus every incident, every little event. Teachers learned, with youngsters, that they teach through their lectures and their lessons and assignments. They know too that children learn through everything they do.

It is necessary to carry this principle on up to the parent level. It is even more important that this idea is applied to adults. With them, the lessons are new and difficult, and they have fewer relationships than they have with children. Only the consistent, steady, everything saying- it way can build the necessary understanding. Home-school relations must be a continuous demonstration to parents of what good living and good education are. What is done to parents, what they do for themselves, must be consistent with what they have to learn.


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