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Since boys are members of family groups and spend the greater part of their lives as family members, education for family living is as important for them as it is for girls. As junior members of the family, they are expected to make their contribution for the benefit of the family as well as for their gain. For years any effort on the part of the son to develop a skill or skills within the home has been looked upon with some degree of ridicule and as a result, often much ability has been undeveloped and much enjoyment and many valuable contributions lost.

In recent years the belief has been held, somewhat generally, that household responsibilities should be shared by all members of the family regardless of sex, yet the writer felt that the boys included in this study performed some household chores because they found pleasure in doing them* but she also felt that these selected chores may not have offered varied experiences which would enable them to make worthwhile contributions to their present home and family life and eventually to their own home.

It was generally believed that boys had no genuine interest in homemaking activities but according to a recent report of the New York State Education Department, high school boys are taking more Interest in homo work to the extent that male enrollment in homemaking classes increased 31.5 percent from 1949 to 1953, while the increase among girls was only 2,1}. percent.

The purpose of this study was to find out what homemaking activities these high school boys engaged in, and if these activities provided worthwhile experiences which would he beneficial to them In their present horns and in their homes of the future. It was also thought necessary to secure an expression of their aims in life if these, In any way, had any Influence upon their homemaking activities.

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