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The intent of this project is to prove some of the commonly used Algebraic Properties regarding reflections, translations, and rigid rotations and to extend these concepts to three dimensions. The approach considered will be in terms of point sets.



The statement that R is a relation means that R is a subset of the cartesian product A X B.

Cartesian Product:

The set of all ordered pairs whose list numbers are m©fflbers of a given set A and whose second number is a member of a given set B.


A relation where X and Y are related such that for each Y number there is a unique X number in the set.

Example X=Y

An ordered Pair:

Is two numbers having the form (X, Y) such that X is the first number and Y is the second number.

Example (3,6)

An ordered Triple:

Is three numbers having the form (X, Y, Z) where X is the first number, Y the second number, and Z the third number.

Example: (2,4, -1).

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A. D. Stewart

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Samuel E. Good

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