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It Is beginning to be realized that delinquent children are pretty much the same as other children. If a difference is insisted on, Reckless1 would say that the delinquent child is one who has been caught and brought into court, and the non-delinquent child is one who either is not taken to court if found out or is never found out.

It is important to note that in Juvenile research, child guidance clinics, and sociological research circles, the term "Juvenile delinquent" merely denotes a child who has been acted upon officially by police officers or court authorities and does not signify a type of case generically different from eases of non-delinquent problem children.

An able British student of Juvenile delinquency lends his support to this notion when he says:

There is no sharp line of cleavage by which the delinquent may be marked off from the non-delinquent. Between them, no deep gulf exists to separate the sinner from saint, the white sheet from the black. The moral faults of children run in an uninterrupted series, from the most heartless and persistent crimes that could possibly be pictured, up to the more occasional naughtiness to which the most virtuous will at times give way. A child is to be regarded as technically delinquent when his antisocial tendencies appear so grave that he becomes or ought to become, the subject for official action.

Sociology students in America, who have grown up with the case approach to the study of juvenile delinquents, are pretty much agreed that the sources of delinquency run back to previous maladjustment, especially those which continue unsettled from early childhood. Likewise, the students of adult crime, whose studies have taken them into ease histories, are recognizing the fact that most adult offenders are actually continued oases of juvenile delinquents or problem children whose behavior difficulties were never settled or outgrown.

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