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If a laser beam of logic cut through the fog enveloping the debate on sex education in the public schools, it would reveal the fundamental question that parents must ask themselves: "Do I need help in teaching my children about sex?"

Chances are most parents would answer "Yes." It is a rare parent who can say he does not need any help. It is certainly a rash one who feels the whole issue can be avoided. Ignorance may not have been too harmful in a gentler, slower era when it could be reduced by degrees. Today, though, we live under a constant barrage of sex. Allusions to it are everywhere - in the movies, on television, in newspapers, and even in so-called household magazines.

This onrush of sex is decidedly unsettling to an older generation conditioned to treat it gingerly if at all in public. No wonder parents are perplexed and find it difficult to know what to tell their children. And it is surprising how much today's sophisticated youngsters don't know. This was dramatically illustrated by the high school girl who went to her teacher for some guidance, She had read an article in a general circulation magazine about the "pill," She understood the article perfectly, she told the teacher, except for just one word. She did not know the meaning of "intercourse." This potentially dangerous mixture of naivete and sophistication can best be eliminated by programmed, rather than a piecemeal education.

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