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Discipline, iu & narrow souse, refers to specific corrective measures for infringements of definite points of school law or custom. Problems of discipline will continue to exist in our schools in proportion as our staff members acquire knowledge concerning the causes and prevention of such problems.

It is common knowledge that the extent to which the school is hampered by disciplinary problems is appalling. Many school people take such problems for granted or as conditions that should naturally arise. They continue to expend valuable time and energy administering such problems that in most instances should have been prevented.

The author hopes to arouse interest in the subject to the extent that concerted action will be taken in an effort to eliminate most of such problems that are a menace to education, and a detriment to the well-being of the school's progress.

Statement of the Problem

The problem herein considered proposes to present an overall picture of current aspects of disciplinary problems in their relation to causes, methods of prevention, and methods used in the alleviation of such problems, thus making possible, to a greater extent, the realization of the school's program.

Io accomplish this purpose, the writer employed the use of representative sampling of high schools, from which answers to the following questions are to be obtained

1. What are the current aspects of disciplinary problems in negro high schools of Texas?

a) What generally are the causes of disciplinary problems?

b) How may such problems be prevented?

c) What methods are being used in disposing of discipline problems?

The author wishes to obtain a general picture of what is actually being done about problems of discipline, the trend of thought among teachers on the subject, and an extensive conception of what course problems of conduct may take in the schools in the future.

Modern Concepts of Discipline

School discipline is quite flexible in meaning, depending upon the circumstance in which it is employed. Most authorities, in defining the term, seem to agree in principle. Contemporary writers, however, apparently have a broader conception of the term than those of earlier times.

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