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Childhood is the source of the nation and a stream can rise no high®1" than its source* This source must be protected by every possi— ble means at the command of modern science and intelligence, We should not wait until the children are ill. Efforts must be made to correct any cause that would interrupt the progress of the child.

We in this country want nothing less than an equal health opportunity for every child and citizen. Medical science today is extraordinarily complex, the practice of medicine requires a battery of equipment and skills unknown at the turn of the century. It is apparent that the provisions of adequate health care for the people of this country involve a great deal more than simply paying the doctor's fee, basic as it is.

As a group devoted to the service of humanity, we must become increasingly conscious that we are passing through a renaissance of preventive medicine and public health, and that almost coincidentally with the birth of a new epoch began in man's efforts to survive the hazards of his environment and the menace of his fellowman. Our knowledge of the causative agents of disease, channels of infection, differential diagnosis, immunization and even more important, the cause of good health affords evidence that the human race finite a winning battle against the forces that would destroy it. This knowledge imposes upon us the responsibility of affecting a functional correlation wherever there is common interest.

The foundations for good or bad health of children are laid in the home, later, the school and community will receive them and continue the good work, or try to repair the damage if the home has failed. How important it is, then, that all the resources of the school be available for every school child.

The healthy school child has plenty of vitality with which to meet the daily demands made upon him, so he can do a good day's work and meet the strains of a strenuous day of contact without undue fatigue or boredom, or irritation. More than that, a child who has achieved positive health is not only capable of meeting daily demands but has a reserve which helps him to meet physical, mental, or emotional crises without disaster to body, mind, or personality. It must mean, in addition, a physical reserve of vitality which will carry the individual through a physical crisis like a severe illness or unusual demand in school work.

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