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Curriculum development is definitely and markedly on the Increase and interest In this movement is nationwide. To support this sweeping generalization, the writer of this study presents the facts of continued and increased effort in curriculum-building on the part of city and state departments of education.

Recommendations for resolving the manifold problems of curriculum development will probably be meaningful only to the extent to which they are based upon a thoughtful consideration of the present status of "curriculum thinking" In the school systems of the country. There is only one point from which an attack on these problems can Intelligently be begun In a given locality. This point, obviously, Is largely defined by the nature of the views concerning curriculum problems which are held by teachers, supervisors, and administrators In the community under consideration.

There is apparently a rapidly growing conviction that the fundamental basis of the curriculum Is to be found in inexperience, and that school experiences should, so far as possible, be broad as those of life itself.

The Problem

The main purpose of this thesis is to analyze and com pare the curricula of ten of the leading colored high schools of Texas and to propose practical procedures for enriching them* This involved three minor problems:

1. To point out the functions of the high school curricula in its attempt to educate youth through modern trends in education.

2 To show the extent to which the secondary schools should contribute totally to the development of social welfare as well as to Individual competence through a well-developed curriculum.

3. To compare the curricula and propose suggestions and illustrations for reorganizing and Improving them.

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J.M. Drew

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Veola M. Crouch Berry


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