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Calvert is a small town in Robertson County with a population of 2,366. It is in the heart of a farming and cattle raising section of Central Texas. From the time it was founded to the present date certain deplorable health conditions have existed among the colored citizens of the city. Many of these conditions are beyond the economic status of the colored citizens to improve without aid from the city. In the category of which I am thinking would come such things as: the running of water, sewage, and gas lines, and the removal of one of the largest auction barns in central Texas from the colored section of the city.

Even though there are many beautiful homes in Calvert, according to Maceo Smith of the Federal Housing Administration for Negroes most of these homes would be considered as sub-standard because they lack two of the things that are essential to healthful living; that is running water and proper sewage disposal.

It is an unfortunate commentary, says Ward G. Reeder that hundreds of schools and school systems are doing nothing in health supervision; they do not have the services of nurses, physicians, or other special health employees— in fact, they do not spend one cent on a health program. These same schools and school systems spend annually $50, $75, or $100 per pupil on the teaching of the school subjects and on the remainder of the school program of eminent importance, it is admitted— but they fail to spend one cent on the most important thing in life, namely, "good health." What will it profit the child to gain all the knowledge and skills in the world if he loses his health!

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