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Facts concerning the tenure and status of Negro teachers of West Texas have remained largely unknown, although in the last two decades a number of studies, state, regional, and nationwide has been made of the academic and professional training, the educational experience, and the social and economic status of the Negro teacher. When considering the West Texas Negro teacher, we find his tenure and status to be nearly unknown. Never before has as much emphasis been placed upon tenure and status of the teacher. In West Texas, it has often been wondered just why a teacher does not retain his work over a longer period of time. Practically all school surveys have reported Negro teachers separately where they have reported them at all. Reports of the State Department of Education have tabulated data separately for Negro and white schools.

Caswell and Campbell say, "The public school is but one of the educational institutions of society.

Teachers come from families of moderate means. Moffit says that the average student in teacher training institutions comes from a rural home of moderate means.

Whitney found that there were indications of more education and higher cultural levels among university students than among teachers and college students, a condition which is possibly indicative of better economic backgrounds for university students than for teachers and college students.

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From 1945-to 46, the writer was employed as substitute teacher in the city schools of Amarillo, Texas, Potter County. However, this study had grown out of a three-year's investigation by the writer while working in the Booker T. Washington High School, Conroe, Texas, Montgomery County.

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