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Many diverse opinions about community recreation and its relationship to education made it desirable to conduct this evaluative study. There were many Greek philosophers who felt that education for leisure should be the major purpose of education. They equated education for leisure with education for living.

In the earliest recorded civilization, man has always been reported as having some degree of unobligated time. Numerous forms of recreative pursuits which occupy leisure hours have been described by history, particularly by the affluent and influential social classes of each era. But it has only been within the past century, especially among the highly industrialized western nations that both leisure and economic growth have made it possible for recreation to be generously available to all social classes.

With the changes in American society, it seems right to assume that people are going to have leisure. With this being true, educators feel that there is a need for structured programs designed to develop certain kinds of attitudes, values, appreciations, interests, and skills. Recommendations in A People and A Spirit, however, expressed the need for reallocating resources to provide maximum assistance to the alienated and disadvantaged clientele who are members of no formal organizations. Emphasis should properly be placed upon the areas in which they might be found.

This evaluative study attempted to assess the Community Recreation Program emphasis relative to how it is perceived by its participants.


The proposed study entailed an evaluation of the 1890 Community Recreation Program at Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas during the year of 1976- 77, to determine to what extent the program is meeting the educational needs of participants as stated in selected objectives of education. The data for this study were collected by randomly selecting 20 percent of the total number of youths enrolled in the 1890 community Recreation Program and conducting an informal interviews to gather the data.

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Mattie Londow

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