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The lack of an efficient marketing system is stifling farm income from tomatoes in Gregg County. It has been predicted that if something is not done to improve the marketing conditions, Gregg County will be out of the marketing business in about 5 years. U.S.D.A. studies show that:

East Texas has too many single buyers and commodity markets (60 to 65 tomato sheds) to operate efficiently for buyers and sellers. There is no question among people who are a part of East Texas vegetable businesses where the trouble lies. They all agree that farmers can produce more than they can sell profitably. Marketing is always pointed out as the number 7 problem.1

With a view towards improving the marketing of tomatoes by Negro growers, a study of present marketing practices were made among them. Current marketing information was obtained and analyzed in respect to sales, transportation facilities, cost incurred, and prices received for tomatoes.

The ultimate objectives of this thesis is to present a study of marketing practices as they exist presently, and offer possible suggestions in an effort to improve practices as they occurred among Negroes farming in Gregg County, Texas.

Fifty Negro Farmers in Gregg County, Texas were included in the study. These fifty represented a total of all Negro tomato growers in Area I of Gregg County.

1Ralph L. Watts, The Vegetable Growing Business (New York: Orange Judd Publishing Company, 1946), p. 218.

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