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The writer has lived and worked in this area for twelve years. He has observed gifted boys completing their secondary education with honors and roaming the streets from year to year.

A general trend has been for boys to change jobs frequently. Boys that were capable of making worthwhile contributions to their community have drifted away.

The school has no trained vocational and placement counselor whose responsibility it would be to alert young people to occupational opportunities and job requirements and to place them in suitable part-time or full-time jobs. The writer feels a sincere urge to assist these young men, as well as others to follow in making the adjustments to secure successful employment. Thus, this study was attempted.

Historical Background of Delmar School District

The Delmar Independent School District is located along the southern border of Lamar County, Texas. The county has an area of 9*+5 square miles. The Delmar School District consists of approximately 109 square miles. The school plant is located ten miles South of Paris, which is the county seat, that has a population of 22,*+86. The entire area is known as a farming area. The area is noted for its production of cotton and beef. It is a part of the Blackland Prairie Region.

In 19^9? the district was consolidated. It has been known since then as the Delmar Independent School District.

Statement of the Problem

This study is designed to determine factors influencing occupational choices of farm-reared male graduates of Delmar Negro High School.

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E. M. Norris


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