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Topology is divided into two main branches: general topology and algebraic topology, also referred to as point-set topology and combinatorial topology, respectively. Although the distinction between the two branches lies primarily in the tools that are used. General topology uses set-theoretic tools, and algebraic topology uses algebra, mainly group theory.

Topology is used in mathematics courses, such as algebra, number theory, and analysis. Topology is even used in engineering. Mainly in network theory.

This paper is to serve as a guide and a foundation for an introductory course in point-set topology. This paper will progress in the following manner: Chapter I will enlighten the reader as to what topology really means and where it got its beginning. Chapter II will deal with basic definitions and properties of topological spaces. Chapter III and Chapter IV will exhibit the uses of limits, continuity and compactness in the proof of one of the basic topological and analytical theorem, called the Heine-Borel theorem.

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