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This problem is the evaluation of Lincoln High School.

What is meant by the evaluation of a secondary school? How will the evaluation affect or be of benefit to the students, their vocations and interests, their customs and habits, their abilities, their hopes and prospects regarding the future, and their democratic way of life? How will it affect the teaching staff of a secondary school?

The educational program of Lincoln High School must be concerned with more than preparation for college. The program must be concerned with the interests, needs, and abilities of all types of children, and must take into consideration the needs of the immediate community as well as its entire community. Lincoln High School should have a carefully formulated philosophy and should justify any variations from the generally accepted principles. The school's philosophy should be made fundamental to and associated with the educational program of the school. The faculty considered these facts and decided to evaluate the educational program of the school by beginning in terms of six principles, namely, the curriculum and course of study, pupil activities, the library, guidance, instruction, and outcomes.

The purposes of the evaluation are expressed in the following questions:

1. What are the characteristics of a good secondary school?

2. What practicable means and methods may he employed to evaluate the effectiveness of a school in terms of its objectives?

3. By what means and processes does a good school develop into a better one?

4. how can the evaluation stimulate the school to continuous growth?

In order that these questions might be answered intelligently, the faculty decided to examine the data at hand, and attempt such improvements and innovations that would make Lincoln High School a better secondary school, so that it might meet the needs of the students and the community.

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Jesse M. Drew


Prairie View Agricultural And Mechanical College


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