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Since girls in small towns have less to do and very few places to go for recreation, a large number participate In competitive athletics. This is especially true since Negro schools have organized competitive athletics for girls as well as for boys.

Participation in competitive athletics contributes to some, of the factors of personality. This contribution might be beneficial or nonbeneflcial depending upon the manner in which the activities are conducted. Therefore, the writer believes that the achieved success In the life of girls can be augmented by the educational values inherented in the athletic program. To compete in our modern society, girls must be able to exhibit approximately the same type of emotional, mental, and physical control that is so inherent to those used in competitive athletics. To attain this requirement for adequate performances in life situations at the completion of school, athletic programs can serve as a aid to make provision for this desired training.

The participation of girls in competitive athletics has caused discussions among laymen and physical educators for many many years. One extreme favor interscholastic programs which they believe will build physical and mental health for life adjustment, while the other extreme contends that the competition of girls In athletics should be restricted to participation In social games with the "win" element removed. Arguments are based on the social and biological standards 01 building a well-rounded personality for girls through competitive athletics. Authorities who are in accord that valuable outcomes can be received by those girls who participate In competitive athletics believe that wholesome and stimulating activities might be an aid to individuals or groups' improvement in such qualities as courtesy, honesty, and fairness. The molding of ethical, moral, and social habits are objectives obtainable through properly conducted athletic programs, and teachers who work with girls participating In athletics have an opportunity, because of the nature of the activity, to attain these objectives easier than most teachers In the school.

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